This site, which is still partly under construction, seeks to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date repository for the object-oriented testing (OOT) community in Britain and beyond. We have tried to present a balanced overview of the field, without regard to the nationality or affiliation of any researcher whose work we have reviewed. The site is not intended as a replacement for such sites as JOT, which provide an excellent, but complementary, outlet for OOT research.

We have tended to focus on formal approaches to OOT, rather than more anecdotal techniques. In particular, therefore, we have included detailed information on the X-machine testing methodology (MOTIVE) coming out of Sheffield over the past few years, since this seems to offer the best chances of achieving provably complete behavioural testing of OO systems.

If you are active in OOT and would like us to consider your own views and results, please post printed copies of the relevant papers, technical reports and books to our webmaster, Mike Stannett, at the address above (we reserve the right not to include material). Please email details of relevant conferences and workshops to, and we will do our best to advertise them to the wider OOT community.